Kangaroodogs and Staghounds

This site is dedicated to the first Australian breed ever created, the Australian Kangaroo dog, also known as the Staghound. Other names these dogs go by is roodog, roo dog and stag.

The kangaroo dog type was created by the early settlers by a need to supply fresh meat and to protect their livestock. Had it not been for the roo dogs, many a family would of starved, and it is to the roo dog we owe what this country is today, for had they not been around we would not of advanced as quickly as we have. The roo dogs are almost a forgotten breed by so many, so often I hear the comments "what is that" or "I havent seen one of them in 40 years", but alas they are around, one just needs to know where and who to talk to.

The earliest accounts of these dogs go back to the late 1700's. Today while not overly common they are working as well as ever. There is not a huge amount of information on these dogs available as far as history goes, but the general consensus is they are based on a deerhound x greyhound mix, then from there depending on where/who/what was available they bred to suit the conditions. In Tasmania it is documented that the roo dogs were so popular it really held back the agricultural side of things, as everyone was too busy out hunting with their roo dogs! They even attempted to force people to work, but this did not work, and the people crossed them out and still hunted with these functional hounds.

Make sure you check out the about us section as there we have showcased lines of staghounds and roo dogs around Australia. If you have a line or would like to send us pictures contact us via the contact us page. There are also articles written by hunters all over Australia, and even articles written by Dutch Salmon of the US on the american staghounds.

The Below picture was sent to me from a visitor to the site and dates back to 1932.