Articles on Kangaroodogs and Staghounds

The following articles have been submitted by various people who have experience with kangaroo dogs and staghounds. I am trying to compile as many stories as possible from old times, as once they are gone so to may their stories of hunting kangaroos in the old days. If you have any stories to share from your grandparents or relatives please send them through via the Contact us page. I will be endeavouring to in the future have other old timers roo dogs showcased on here and a few stories of life in the bush as they experienced it.


The Kangaroo dog

The boss is loading up the ute
I get up and on the back i shoot
Out for a run we both go
Chasing quarry that isnt slow
Into the first paddock we head
A good mob i see ahead
Off the ute at 100 clicks
Grab a hold and take the kicks
Very quicky those kicks go weak
For I'm a roo dog in my peak
Over comes the master gives me a pat
This poems dedicated to the hunters and that is that!


Tribute to the wolfhound

Gray hound and gaunt
Royally imperial, you tower above taunt
Comrade of chieftain, grim dog of war
Your fame has been heralded and hailed from afar
From Rome of the ceasers, from Spain's classic bard
You’ve won kingly praises and knightly award

The elk of old Erin you brought to his knees
At the roar of your challenge the timber wolf flees
Yet noble descendant of fierce fighting sire
You are playing tonight with my child by the fire.