Q. Are kangaroo dogs good pets?

A. Kangaroo dogs or staghounds are good pets, however they are a working breed, and are most happy in a working environment. Unless you are willing to work a staghound and allow its instincts to reach their potential you are best finding another breed of dog.

Q. Do the staghounds require a lot of brushing with their longer hair as opposed to the kangaroo dogs?

A. Yes they do require a brush from time to time, they get a summer coat for example and is best to brush out the winter coat at the time.

Q. How do they handle the heat?

A. Be sensible with them and you wont have a problem, bear in mind if you need a dog to work in the extreme heat this may not be the dog for you.

Q. Do they have health problems?

A. Due to hybrid vigour and the fact that a dog with health problems can not hunt well, and are subsequently put down, the staghounds and kangaroo dogs are relatively health free. Some also attribute this to them not becoming a fancy in the show ring, hence not being overly popular, and not overly bred. Sighthounds are also prone to some ailments due to the lack of fat on their bodies, you need to make sure your vet is aware of the sighthounds special requirements in veterinary care. I would recommend a greyhound vet for treatment.

Q. Do they cost much?

A. Litters of staghounds/kangaroo dogs are often already spoken for, or are given to mates for nothing. However should they be advertised they fetch between $100 and $250 per pup.

Q. Ive heard the real kangaroo dogs were a mix of bloodhound and foxhound

A. Yes you may of, however if you look at the photos of the old kangaroo dogs, you will see a heavy influence of sighthound blood. Truth be told no one will ever know exactly what is in them, at the time the settlers would of used what was available, and what hunted well. However, the deerhound and greyhound are obvious in many bloodlines of today. Irish wolfhound is also very obvious.

Q. I want to breed a new kangaroo dog, how do I do this?

A. Well that depends on what you want to do, if you arent going to hunt them and test their ability FORGET IT. Most people will not consider a dog to be a true staghound unless it has been bred down from generations of working stock.

Q. Are they good around children and other animals

A. Yes they are good around children, and most other animals. In fact the deerhound I consider the gentleman of the dog world, and the staghound and kangaroo dogs certianly take on this nature. When not hunting they are some of the most gentlest dogs you can imagine. Which is funny because most people who dont know anything about hunting dogs believe they are savage murderous beings, which is a complete farce and propagated by the animal rights extremists of today.

Q. Why not just use a pure greyhound, or deerhound rather then one of these dogs?

A. Quite simply the staghounds are a better dog, the greyhound has skin too soft, burn out too quickly, their feet generally arent up to scratch. The deerhound on the other hand has thick skin, tough feet and plenty of endurance, but a slower take off speed. They are distance runners more so, that is what they were bred for, to run down and dispatch red deer in the highlands of scotland, they have very powerful back ends for pushing up hills, and a natural instinct to grab and pull quarry down. As you can see by crossing these you can get the best of both worlds, and by adding other breeds to a line they have got attributes from them, such as the wolfhound which gave more size, larger heads and a bit of a nose. Decades of selective breeding has produced something special, the most versatile australian hunting dog there is!