General Appearance - Should resemble a Greyhound but of larger size and bone.

Characteristics - This breed must have a combination of speed, endurance and strength as it is a hunter of aggressive game.

Temperament - Very calm around the home.  They crave the attention of humans and are very affectionate towards their owner.  Although he is primarily used for coursing quarry, the Kangaroo Dog/Staghound makes a wonderful companion.  He is good with children, but his size can pose a problem to the very young.  Once this breed is properly socialised it is safe with pets and livestock.

Head - Broadest between the ears than tapering down.  The head should be long and strong.

Eyes - Dark coloured and far seeing.  Must be able to spot moving game over long distances.

 Ears - Small, folded back, raised above head when excited.

Mouth - Jaws strong, level or scissor bite

Neck - Strong and long, must be long enough to pick up a rabbit as well as have the strength to hold large game.

Forequarters - Shoulders well laid back, front legs straight.

Body - The body should resemble a larger, stronger Greyhound.

Hindquarters - Drooping, broad and powerful.  Well bent stifle.

Feet - Compact and well knuckled

Tail - Long, thick at root, and tapering.

Movement - Easy, active, with a long stride.

Coat - The three main coat types are the rough which more closely resemble the coat of a Deerhound, the smooth which resembles the Greyhound type of coat (only tougher) and the "broken coat', which in texture, is in between the other two coat varieties.

The rough coated variety is known as the Staghound.

Colour - Any colour is acceptable

Size -      

MALE: 27 to 32 inches at the shoulder, weight 32 -  45kg

FEMALE: 26 to 30 inches at the shoulder, weight 27 - 40kg

As a general rule any taller than 32 inches reduces the dogs speed and any smaller than 26 inches reduces strength.