A Tribute to Razz

Below is a tribute to an old dog, read below for more details


hi all,

im back down in vic for three weeks holiday(fox hunting).been out with my long time friend whom ive been hunting with since i was 4,he is in his mid 70's now and has had that many dogs since he was a kid its not funny. ive been lucky enough to see his best ever in recent years(razz,now dead)he was bread from a line about 40 years ago from a track grey named chief zephyr,1956 vic grey of year and 1959 sire of yr.he was crossed with top stag/grey fox dogs back then whith a dash of airdale added later. razz first killed solo at 9 months and never looked back(he became one very savage killer).he had the best eyes of any fox dog my friend has ever had he just knew how to use them (unreal watching him scanning with eyes bulging).

razz was out hunting most days in winter,just that constant work honed his skills/instinct.he could also pinpoint a terrier down in the den in windy conditions or if the terrier was a long way out,razz would start scratching the spot.he'd also stand behind the hole when he knew the fox was about to bolt and snatch him in 5 yards.he was very quick catching a lot more hares than yer average bush dog, when he was younger.my friend often recon he was too quick,always thinkin he'd kill himself,i saw him have some unbelievable spills then get up and complete the catch.he hunted ok when given the chance,my friend mainly used him as a sight dog of the slip.

when he was about 6 or 7 he got a punctued lung from a big bouncy one this slowed him up but was still very good,then 2 years later the same thing happened,slowing him up more, making him mainly a burrow dog and handy for shorter runs,he'd lost his endurance,which was once one of his best attributes running out long days.

my friend put him over a top working stag/grey which i got very excited about cause i was in line for a pup.the bitch didnt fall ( spewing). my friend was always intending to keep razz as a sire but not too long down the track he started showing pain,constantly howling,whining (etc).sadly had to put him down,hardest time he ever pulled a trigger he told me.

he's tried in recent years to track down the line with no success.i looked up chief zephyr on the net a while ago,it says that the pups chosen for the track were white with a patch of gry brindle on them.thats exactly how razz was!.
anyhow just thought id share that one with ya's,pretty cool how a top track dog was crossed with top fox dogs dunno if that happens much these days.

cheers jars